Best Shoot Ever

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Vancouver Boudoir: Gloss Girl N

β€œI decided to do this session to empower myself and give myself a positive view on my body. I’ve been really hard on myself in the past, and this shoot was to help me look past all that. It was also a fun little birthday present to myself.Β A client of mine at the salon I managed told me about your studio, so I followed on Instagram and absolutely loved the images I saw captured. Then, for Canada Day you ladies offered a promotion that was amazing and I knew I had to take advantage of it!Β 

I absolutely loved the girls and the atmosphere. As soon as I stepped in, they were so welcoming and warm. We talked like girlfriends and they made me feel so comfortable. The shoot was an absolute breeze and I never felt like I had to β€œtry” during the shoot because I felt so relaxed thanks to Marcee’s coaching and direction.Β 

I would tell anyone else to just say yes and do it. It is such a confidence booster and lets you see what others have always seen in you, your real beauty. I would tell them to do it for themselves first before anyone else because every woman should know just how sexy she is!Β The best memory was just the entire shoot itself. The fact that I was doing this boudoir shoot for myself made me feel great. I loved the energy felt in that studio and loved the feeling I had while doing it and how that energy stuck with me for the rest of the day and into the night.Β 

Keep being as wonderful and kind as you ladies are. The genuineness felt from you ladies is what made me feel so confident to think β€œokay, I got this!”. Thank you for just being you!” ~Gloss Girl N




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