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Gloss Girl M – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

We are SO EXCITED to have Gloss Girl M as a part of our Vancouver Boudoir family!

“I always do boudoir sessions for myself. I think it’s really important to recognize and celebrate the love that I have for myself as I grow and evolve as a woman. This session was a bit different as I just came on board with Gloss as a photographer. I thought it was really important that I show clients that we can be in their shoes; we also feel the initial nerves and then the excitement of the outcome of the session. I thought it was also important that I could physically feel the poses that I ask clients to take! Before my shoot, I was definitely a bit nervous but way more excited. This was my 2nd session within 6 months so it helped that I remembered what to expect.”

“Gloss is BOSS!! There is no better group of women out there … it’s as simple as that. The entire team is happy, energetic and clearly in love with their jobs. I trusted them explicitly to take care of me from beginning to end. I don’t know if any other boudoir studio can give off that energy even before you walk in the doors. My favourite thing about my shoot was working with Marcee! She’s so incredibly clear with her instructions and guides you through the session with conversation so you forget that you’re standing in front of her nearly naked. There wasn’t one point during the session where I thought “what if that roll is showing” or “I’m worried about my double chin.” She breathes confidence into her clients!”

“When I saw my photos for the first time, I felt AMAZING! It’s funny how you look at yourself when you’re all glammed out … you feel different but still recognizable as yourself. Before doing boudoir shoots, I had a really hard time seeing a sexual side to myself. These images have really opened my eyes and made me believe that I am sexy as hell! I would tell anyone considering a shoot to JUST F***ING DO IT!!! There are so many women out there who says “I will … after I lose these 20 pounds.” Girl, I’m telling you right now, those few pounds won’t make a damn bit of difference. If you keep giving yourself a reason not to do something, you’ll never do it. I truly feel like this is an experience that ALL women of all shapes, sizes and ages should have!”

“I walked out of the studio feeling SO empowered! There is nothing like that unstoppable feeling. I’ve had it after both of my sessions and I feel like I can take on the world … or maybe just a really cold Mojito! Regardless, I feel like a strong, capable woman and that feeling is absolutely priceless!”


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