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Gloss Girl C – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

We adored having Gloss Girl C in our Vancouver Boudoir Studio for her second shoot with us! We always love to find out what brings our clients in, especially for multiple shoots! 🙂 Here is a bit of feedback from the gorgeous Gloss Girl C!

“I decided to do a second boudoir shoot with Gloss because, for me enjoying your body and exploring
your sensuality as a woman is such an empowering experience that I feel every woman should do at least once. Feeling confident in your own skin, realizing all of your “flaws” are actually beautiful in their own way and a piece of how this vessel has served you and allowed you to accomplish amazing things. The female body is pure magic and should be celebrated, boudoir is one way I like to do that!”

“I’ve previously booked with Gloss and my experience with the girls is always so positive and fun that they not only have new looking my very best, but they have me laughing throughout the entire experience. One of my favourite memories from my shoot was how putting on something that makes you feel sexy, and being encouraged to get into a flow so you forget your reservations is an amazing talent of Marcee’s. I loved the lightness and love of the feminine spirit throughout this entire experience!”

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