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Gloss Girl A – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

“I decided to do a boudoir shoot because I had been following Gloss on Instagram for a while and saw a promotion that they were offering that seemed like a great deal! I figured it was worthwhile to do the shoot and if I loved the photos I could pay for more. I have struggled with my body image for almost my whole life, and had finally reached a point where I decided I wasn’t going to try to change the size or shape of my body anymore. I thought that doing this boudoir session might help me to see myself differently and appreciate my body the way it is. I loved the quality of photography, the design of the space, and the overall style of the photos done by Gloss. I also really valued the range of body types shown on Gloss’s social media and blog, and that they celebrated the sensuality of all women.”

“I was somewhat nervous before my shoot , but told myself I was just going to enjoy the experience for what it was and try to let go and have fun with the process. Once I got to the studio, Marcee was very warm and put me right at ease. Her clear directions and encouragement made the process effortless. I never had to worry about not knowing how to pose or what to do with my hands – having never ‘modeled’ before, I really appreciated her guidance. I was amazed how many different poses and shots she managed to get in the time we had.”

“When I saw my photos for the first time I was surprised again by how many different photos there were, and knew it would be hard to choose my favourites! I loved the angles that Marcee found and the way she worked with the light in the space. I could still notice what I perceive to be the flaws in my appearance, but there were so many other lovely aspects of the photos to draw my attention that I was able to not dwell on them. I would tell any other women that are considering a shoot to find outfits that reflect your personality or style, something you will feel like yourself in rather than a costume. Don’t worry about any “flaws” you think you have – the photographers know how to pose you in a way that’s flattering.”

Gloss Boudoir StudioGloss Boudoir StudioGloss Boudoir StudioGloss Boudoir StudioGloss Boudoir StudioGloss Boudoir StudioGloss Boudoir StudioGloss Boudoir Studio

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