Boudoir: Gloss Girl A

We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to share Gloss Girl A’s boudoir images! If you missed her first blog post, check them out here first!

Here are a few words that A had to say about her experience: Q. How were you feeling before your shoot? Any thoughts going through your head?

A. “I was a little anxious but incredibly excited. I was riding a high the whole morning before my shoot. It was another adventure, another challenge and I was really excited for the experience! I had a moment of panic when on my commute to the studio I remembered I hate having my photo taken and I often experience major eye watering (which thankfully did not happen because I was having too much fun to realize there was a camera on me!). There were admittedly fleeting thoughts of how maybe I should have waited to lose another 10lbs and how my body would translate on camera. I told myself it was too late to worry about that now and to just enjoy myself. I had the time of my life!!!”

boudoir 009

boudoir 010

boudoir 011

boudoir 012

boudoir 013

boudoir 016

boudoir 015

boudoir 017

boudoir 018

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