Lingerie Photography: Gloss Girl N

Boudoir photography, sometimes known as lingerie photography is such an empowering experience for women of all walks of life.  Gloss girl N came in for her second shoot, this time it was for herself to remind herself of the sexy, powerful and independent woman that’s inside her.

Here is what N had to say when we asked her what she would tell other ladies looking to shoot with Gloss Boudoir:  “Just do it. Don’t wait to look perfect, or for someone to share them with. If you have a significant other that’s great, but this is a gift to yourself! I have never been one hundred percent confident in my body, but the girls at Gloss know how to bring out all your best features and your sexy side! You will leave feeling like a million bucks, I promise you that!”

Lingerie photography 002

Lingerie photography 003Lingerie photography 001

Lingerie photography 004

Lingerie photography 005

Lingerie photography 006

Lingerie photography 007

Lingerie photography 008

Lingerie photography 009

Lingerie photography 010

Lingerie photography 011

Lingerie photography 012

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    downtown vancouver, bc


    Downtown Vancouver, BC