Boudoir shoot: Gloss Girl M

We were SO excited when this 6 foot tall bombshell walked in for her boudoir shoot. M described herself as nervous and awkward but we assured her that with the right coaching and direction she would look and feel like a million bucks.  We’re so thrilled that she allowed us to direct her in the process and that she trusted us to make sure we got the most incredible images of her possible. We LOVED her shoot so much that we decided to break up her post into 2 parts!

Here’s what Gloss Girl M had to say about her experience with Gloss: “I honestly can’t say enough amazing things about my experience with the Gloss girls! Not only are they incredibly good at what they do, but they make you feel comfortable, confident and totally gorgeous from the moment you walk into the room. I’m awkward in front of the camera but I was able to understand Bethany perfectly and I’M BLOWN AWAY by how amazing these images are… I’m already planning my second shoot! Thank you Gloss team! XOXOXO”

Come on back M, we’d LOVE to shoot you again. And for those of you who haven’t shot with us yet… what are you waiting for??

Boudoir Shoot 001

Boudoir Shoot 002

Boudoir Shoot 003

Boudoir Shoot 007

Boudoir Shoot 004

Boudoir Shoot 005

Boudoir Shoot 035

Boudoir Shoot 036Boudoir Shoot 037

Boudoir Shoot 026

Boudoir Shoot 030

Boudoir Shoot 034

Boudoir Shoot 033

Boudoir Shoot 029

Boudoir Shoot 019

Boudoir Shoot 006

Boudoir Shoot 009

Boudoir Shoot 008

Boudoir Shoot 027



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