Boudoir: Gloss Girl A

A natural in front of our Boudoir camera, Gloss girl A looks amazing with her long limbs and dancers physique. Gloss Girl A is a local burlesque dancer and we were so excited to have her in the studio to shoot with us. It’s so rare to have a client who is so comfortable in their own skin and knows how to move her body to create the most beautiful shapes. Because of that we always direct our clients to make sure that they look incredible, gorgeous and at ease… since the majority of our clients aren’t professional dancers 😉

Here’s what Gloss Girl A had to say about her experience: “The Gloss Girls are so delightful and friendly, it’s easy to feel comfortable and confident in their presence. The direction I was given was incredibly helpful and easy to follow as well, which made me feel great, to have someone paying attention to the details to make sure that I looked as great as possible. I’m very much a detail woman so I appreciate those things a lot.” 

Thank you Gloss Girl A for being such a graceful presence in the studio. <3 <3 <3

PS Check out our new Gold sparkle wall at the bottom of the post! LOVE IT!

Boudoir 001

Boudoir 002

Boudoir 003

Boudoir 004

Boudoir 005

Boudoir 006

Boudoir 007

Boudoir 008

Boudoir 009

Boudoir 010

Boudoir 011

Boudoir 012

Boudoir 014

Boudoir 015

Boudoir 013

Boudoir 016


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