Boudoir session: Gloss Girl M

The ultra gorgeous Gloss Girl M came to Gloss for her first ever boudoir session! We totally fell in love with her super positive outlook with regards to her first boudoir experience. She was excited and energetic and that always makes for an incredible session! Not only is M totally beautiful but she is also an uber sweetheart!

Here’s what Gloss Girl M had to say about her Gloss Boudoir experience: “I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed my experience at Gloss! The ladies are fabulous and know exactly how to make you feel gorgeous, pampered and comfortable in your own skin! They’re absolute pros at setting up totally sexy, yet classy poses with a variety of backdrops and their heritage studio is simply fabulous! They know just how to bring our your inner beauty and make sure you’re having a blast while doing it! I’d highly recommend this experience to anyone I know!”

Thank you M for allowing us to share your sensational images on our blog!

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boudoir session 001

boudoir session 002

boudoir session 003

boudoir session 004

boudoir session 005

boudoir session 006

boudoir session 007

boudoir session 008

boudoir session 009

boudoir session 010

boudoir session 011

boudoir session 012

boudoir session 016

boudoir session 014

boudoir session 013

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