Boudoir session: Gloss Girl S

Gloss Girl S chose Gloss to do her boudoir session in Vancouver. We love when our clients bing a little something different to the table and S certainly did! S mentioned that she doesn’t identify with being a girly-girl and we said “whatever you identify with… bring it to your shoot! Wether it’s sexy, girly, edgy, sweet, sophisticated, we love ALL of our clients!”. She’s stunningly gorgeous as well as edgy and drop dead sexy. We had fun from the get-go and we’re so excited to share her super beautiful images with you in 2 separate blog posts…. one just wasn’t enough!

Here’s what Gloss Girl S had to say abut her experience with Gloss: “I was totally blown away! The Gloss Team is incredible! I can’t get over the caliber of the images. The quality and quantity of awesomeness has me over the moon! I wanted to do something both empowering and memorable. (My shoot most certainly was!) I’m at an exciting time in my life, with lots of wonderful things on the horizon. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, so why not capture that on film? I look forward to looking back on these beautiful images for the rest of my life.”

Are YOU ready to become the next next Gloss Girl? Book your shoot HERE!

Boudoir session 002

Boudoir session 003

Boudoir session 004

Boudoir session 005

Boudoir session 006

Boudoir session 007

Boudoir session 008

Boudoir session 009

Boudoir session 010

Boudoir session 011

Boudoir session 012


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