What to Wear Wednesday: Daring

What to Wear Wednesday is where you come for all of your boudoir fashion needs. This week we’re taking you on the wild side with our Daring wardrobe choices. Why not try a huge gold necklace to cover yourself instead of a bra? Heck, you could even go topless! Or what about a big sexy hat to cover one eye while wearing sky high heels? There are so many options when it comes to boudoir and we want to make sure that YOU shine through the outfits that you bring. If you’re bold and daring make sure to have at least one or 2 pieces that emphasize that. It’ll make your images that much more special to you. For even more inspiration check out our What to Wear Wednesday blog page here! or check out our Pinterest page for even more fab ideas! What’s your favourite style?

Gloss Boudoir

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