Gloss Boudoir: Gloss Girl C

Gloss Girl C came to Gloss Boudoir to create some incredible images of herself. Although she didn’t want to share all of her shots with you we’re SO thrilled that she allowed us to share these 4 gorgeous images! Sometimes a booty shot is all you need!

Here’s What C had to say about her time here at Gloss: “I saw the photographs on the website of previous work and it looked really nice and professional. My best memory of the day was the friendly photographer, and the beautiful layout of the studio. Amazing lighting! It’s lots of fun and every girl should boudoir at least once!”

Thanks for letting us share C! xo

Gloss Boudoir 002Gloss Boudoir 001

Gloss Boudoir 004Gloss Boudoir 003

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