Gloss Boudoir: Meet the Gloss Girls!

Hi Future Gloss Girl!

We’ve been expanding at the speed of light and we haven’t had much time to introduce you to all of our AMAZING Gloss team! We’re going to take this opportunity to share the Gloss Girls with you over the next couple of weeks in an 8 part series we’re calling “Meet the Gloss Girls!” Original, we know 😉

We strive every single day to make sure that EVERY client feels like a billion bucks (a million just isn’t big enough!) and we owe it all to the Gloss Girls who LOVE their jobs! We can’t wait for you to come in and work with us <3

This is Gloss photographer Bethany! Hiiiiiiiii Bethany!

At Gloss Boudoir our main mission is to provide a safe and fun environment that allows women to come out of their shell’s and shine! Our star photographer Bethany has over 10 years photography experience and understand what it takes to get the perfect shot of each client. As a professional boudoir photographer she will create amazing images all the while making you laugh and feel totally comfortable! She will coach you through every move so you won’t have to worry about “sexy face” or feeling awkward in front of the camera. Trust in her expertise and you’ll have the most incredible images of yourself that will last a lifetime!

Gloss Girls 003

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    downtown vancouver, bc


    Downtown Vancouver, BC