Gloss boudoir: Gloss Girl N

The stunning Gloss Girl N came into Gloss Boudoir to create some images that she can be proud of years down the road. She’s beautiful and confident and she wanted us to help her capture that. Thanks so much for letting us feature you N!

Here’s what Gloss Girl N had to say about her time with us: “I decided to do a boudoir session because “Why not?”, you’re only young once and I might as well captured that beauty, so that I can remind myself when I’m 70 of how sexy, beautiful and amazing I used to be! I really like the studio it has a nice ambiance and decor. The photographer was very helpful and professional. The Gloss Girls were very helpful, fun and full of energy. I would say to a potential client thinking of booking that You will not be dissapointed. The Gloss Girls were amazing, they will guide you through the whole process. Their website and tips were excellent as well!”

Gloss Boudoir 001

Gloss Boudoir 002

Gloss Boudoir 003

Gloss Boudoir 004

Gloss Boudoir 007Gloss Boudoir 008

Gloss Boudoir 006Gloss Boudoir 009

Gloss Boudoir 011

Gloss Boudoir 010

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