Gloss Boudoir Studio

Gloss Girl A had two big occasions on her mind when she stepped into our Gloss Boudoir studio. Her fiancé’s 30th birthday and an early wedding present for her man.  Both occasions were close together so it seemed like the perfect time for her to book a session.

She was really nervous, and feeling anxious, as she had never done anything like this before. The Gloss Girls were there to help ease her nerves. Here is what she had to say about her favorite experience at the studio:

The girls – Bethany, the photographer, was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and I was offered awesome tips and advice on posing, which was SO helpful. Kelly, the studio manager, has been super responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with.  I would highly encourage women, who are considering doing a boudoir photo shoot, to do it. Thought many of my girlfriends would do it mainly for the men in their life, I think there’s so many personal benefits to doing it too.”

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    downtown vancouver, bc


    Downtown Vancouver, BC