Gloss boudoir photography

We are THRILLED Gloss Girl L has let us share some of her gorgeous images from her session at Gloss boudoir photography studio. Her outfits are reminiscent of “Old Hollywood” glamour with a hint of sultry pin-up. Can we say LOVE! <3

We asked Gloss Girl L if she’d like to share her experience with us and she happily agreed:

Why did you decide to do a boudoir session at Gloss boudoir?  “As a wedding day surprise for my fiancé. He goes out of town on business trips often and he is quite visual. I figured that putting together a wee little book of boudoir photos of myself would be a little something he can pack in his luggage to keep him company on his trips.”

What was your favorite thing about your shoot? “Well, between the beautiful hair and makeup, doing something a little risque, the friendly and encouraging attitude of all the lovely ladies I met , seeing the photos of past clients, looking at the beautiful studio, and the beautiful collection of apparel owned by gloss it is really hard to nail down just one thing. Perhaps it was being told over and over again by the photographer how beautiful the shots were and her calling me a babe!!”

What would you tell other women considering doing a boudoir shoot? “Go for it! It is so much fun, and so empowering”

Any other thoughts or suggestions you’d like to tell us about? “I loved my experience! Wish I would have booked in more time!!”


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