Gloss boudoir

“I had an amazing time at my Gloss boudoir photoshoot with the Gloss Ladies. I couldn’t say enough about how pleasant they made my experience!”-Gloss Girl K

Prior to the shoot, Gloss Girl K was feeling very nervous. “I tend to have that “resting ***** face” that doesn’t always show well in photos, but they managed to capture everything but that! When I sat down to view my photos, I was blown away! How I could I choose just one? I ended up going home with 12! I find myself pulling up these photos often on my phone when I’m not feeling as confident as I’d like. The photos are such a great reminder to me that I am beautiful and can be sexy too.”

“Thank you to the ladies at Gloss. You pulled me out of my insecure little world, and into a place where I feel confident and sexy!”

You’re welcome, K! You rocked your shoot and looked amazing and sexy! <3


Gloss boudoir 001Gloss boudoir 002Gloss boudoir 003Gloss boudoir 004Gloss boudoir 005Gloss boudoir 006Gloss boudoir 007Gloss boudoir 008Gloss boudoir 009Gloss boudoir 010Gloss boudoir 011


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