Gloss Boudoir Studio

Gloss Girl P arrived at Gloss Boudoir studio full of energy and was ready for a fun day! Her exuberance, playfulness and sensual side all shined bright during her session.

“A picture says a 1000 words! Before I moved to Vancouver, Gloss was on my radar, based on how feminine, beautiful and sensual the poses, and direction of the images came across. To be a Gloss Girl is definitely a huge highlight of my year so far! I loved playing with some new poses, props and in a new space. The Gloss Studio is very feminine, and there are so many props to play with! I felt very safe and comfortable in the intimate studio – it felt like I was at a girlfriend’s apartment having a sassy photo shoot! Just do it! There’s nothing to lose, and you’ll have some beautiful images that are a gift for yourself today and in the future.

I really believe in celebrating your body and beauty at every age – your face and eyes tell so many stories. Women’s bodies are so gorgeous, and boudoir photography captures a vulnerable and real moment in our lives. Overall though, I struggled with my body image growing up (I hit puberty quite early) and I felt so proud of myself to be dancing and moving around the studio in my lingerie. I felt like a million bucks – my shoot helped remind myself to slow down and to continue enjoying being a woman. 🙂 Thank you for being such BOSS BABES – I’m really inspired by how hard you both work and everything you’re doing for women!”  – Gloss Girl P

Check out her stunning images below! <3


Gloss Boudoir Studio 005

Gloss Boudoir Studio 006Gloss Boudoir Studio 007Gloss Boudoir Studio 008Gloss Boudoir Studio 009Gloss Boudoir Studio 010Gloss Boudoir Studio 011Gloss Boudoir Studio 014Gloss Boudoir Studio 013Gloss Boudoir Studio 012Gloss Boudoir Studio 001Gloss Boudoir Studio 002Gloss Boudoir Studio 003Gloss Boudoir Studio 004


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