Gloss Boudoir studio

Gloss Girl A met The Gloss Girls from Gloss Boudoir studio at the Brock House wedding show.

Read about A’s experience at Gloss!

“I wanted to try something new and they completely convinced me on the brilliant deal. The ladies that I met were very friendly and understanding and having looked at their previous work I felt very comfortable and excited to work with them. The boudoir pictures I saw on their website looked really beautiful and tasteful. I was quite nervous at first. I had no idea what I was going to with myself! Thankfully I was guided through everything! The photographer was able to make me smile genuinely. I don’t normally like showing my teeth but somehow those pictures were my favourite!”

“When I saw my photos for the first time I was very surprised! They looked much much better than I had anticipated, I really enjoyed looking at the real variation of pictures the photographer was able to capture. (I have no idea how she managed to get so many!) I would tell other women considering doing a boudoir shoot, go give yourself a chance, you will be very surprised with yourself! My best memory from the day was sticking my bum in the air and not even caring about it!” 🙂


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