Boudoir photography

Gloss Girl C came across our photos on Pinterest when she was searching ‘boudoir photography’. “The Gloss page on Pinterest caught my attention more than other site.”

Gloss Girl C mentioned the correspondence between booking her session and her shoot day “was perfectly spaced out with reminders, and tips and tricks. I especially liked the recommendation to look at pictures we like/dislike for the photographer.”

Although we do our best to help Gloss Girls feel prepared for their shoot, nerves still can settle in. “Before my shoot I was pretty nervous. The Gloss Girls were great. It was nice that we are all together while getting my hair, eyes, and face done. Visiting and chatting with The Gloss Girls helped me feel more comfortable getting ready for my shoot, since this is something I had never done before. The studio is a cozy space with so many props. It’s a very creative and great use of space.”

We asked C what she would tell other women considering doing a shoot and what was her favorite memory from the day. “I would you tell other women considering doing a boudoir shoot, do it, you’re not getting any younger! 🙂  Have fun with your lingerie and put your trust in The Gloss Girls!  One of my best memories from my photo shoot day was how The Gloss Girls and photographer made me feel comfortable in front of the camera… while standing half naked on a windowsill for Vancouver to see! LOL!” 🙂

“Cheers and thanks again to all The Gloss Girls! Very professional and lovable group of ladies! Excellent staff hands down!” ~ Gloss Girl C

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