Gastown studio

Gloss Girl N wanted try a boudoir photo shoot, and when she came across our studio in Gastown, she thought, “Hey! This studio looks really awesome!”

“I have decided that I would reward myself a gift. A gift that would make me feel sexy and empowered. After some online research, I found that I really like the style of boudoir shoot that Gloss does! Very soft, feminine, and sexy. The studio is amazing, with lots of different backgrounds and stylish furniture to work with! It was definitely more than just a photo shoot. I felt more confident and powerful afterwards. I was very happy with my experience at Gloss. The girls are very professional and made me feel very comfortable.”

“I felt pretty good going into the shoot because Gloss provided me lots of info on how to prep before the shoot. Needless to say, the photos turned out AMAZING! I’ve never thought I could look that way! I would definitely recommend it for everyone! The Gloss Girls will help you see yourself in a different way.”

“Gloss, you girls are doing it right!”

Thanks N! 🙂


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