Gloss Boudoir

Gloss Girl L decided to do a bridal boudoir session at Gloss Boudoir as a wedding gift for her groom on their wedding day.

“Before my shoot I was nervous and excited. I knew my groom would love his gift but I was nervous to pose for the photos. The photographer was great and I felt very comfortable a few minutes after starting my session. She made me feel really beautiful. Everything was really tastefully done!”

“One of my favorite things, and favourite memories, from my shoot was feeling welcomed even before I stepped into the studio. Everyone was super friendly and made me feel right at ease.”

“I would tell other women to just relax during their boudoir shoot. It was much more comfortable when I reminded myself to breathe!” 🙂

Gloss boudoir 001Gloss boudoir 006Gloss boudoir 002Gloss boudoir 004Gloss boudoir 003Gloss boudoir 005

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