Gloss Boudoir photography studio

Gloss Girl J booked with Gloss Boudoir photography studio on a whim.

“I didn’t used to like looking at myself so taking my own full body selfies was out of the question—booking a boudoir session was the perfect solution.”

J couldn’t stop staring at herself once her makeup was done!

“During my makeup application, I didn’t really even look at myself in the mirror while my makeup was being done. Then I looked up when the makeup artist was almost finished and couldn’t stop staring. I told the talented makeup artist that I wanted to take her home so she could work her magic every day!” 🙂

Having her makeup done was a pivotal point for Gloss Girl J.

“I was sitting there chatting it up, having so much fun with ladies I’d never even met, and then I looked up and felt beautiful… that was the pivotal point for me. These ladies know what they’re doing! I’m used to schlepping around in my mommy outfits of stretchy pants and t-shirts, then all of the sudden, I was a different person but it was still me.”

Each one of the Gloss Girls really make you feel at ease, as if you’re in the company of trusted friends. And then by the time you’re in front of the camera, it’s just you and the photographer. She’ll walk you through, pose by pose, how to get your sexy on! You see it in every single photo in their portfolio; you really can’t go wrong.”

We asked J what would she tell other women wanting to book a boudoir shoot at Gloss?

“Do it for yourself ~ it’s inspiring in so many ways : ) It’s more than a photoshoot, in my opinion; the whole experience, and the way they pamper you are a reminder of a self-awareness I seldom tap into. It’s empowering in all the feminine ways that are easy to forget.”

“Booking on a whim was a highly unusual thing for me to do. It was an unusually bold event for me to do, but I’m certainly glad I did. I’ll be back again! Now I understand why many women come back multiple times. Feeling like you’re a Goddess is a virtue every women deserves to feel more often, and all the ladies at Gloss give you a marvelous way to see it.”


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