Vancouver Boudoir Photographer: “There is NOTHING quite like a Gloss Boudoir shoot” – Part 2

Gloss Girl P came back for her THIRD session with us and we were ecstatic to see her. Our makeup artist enhanced her natural beauty and our photographer captured her many sides. Playful, coy, sexy, seductive and sensual. She was able to celebrate her femininity and the outcome was STUNNING images.

We couldn’t narrow down our favorites so we have split her blog into two parts! Our largest blog to date! Click here to see part 1.

Gloss Girl P was gracious enough to share her thoughts on her recent session with us:

“There is NOTHING quite like a Gloss Boudoir shoot. From the moment you walk into the intimate studio space, you instantly feel like a part of the family.

As a professional dancer and teacher, I am very used to critiquing my body or look, based on staring in a studio mirror for hours each week. It felt really wonderful to walk out of the change room in my beautiful lingerie and killer makeup and hair, done by their incredible makeup artist, and be greeted by a supportive photographer, who had a wonderful compliment about confidence. If that doesn’t make you feel like Marilyn Monroe for a moment, I’m not sure what does!

I felt at ease throughout my entire session, and so enjoyed being guided along and led into a couple signature poses by the skilled photographer. I also loved the option to get creative and try a couple new things or poses I was feeling with the sexy music and good vibes in the studio!

To me, the Gloss team is the best in the business – I’ve referred several of my friends and clients to their studio, and they all have messaged me after beaming about their experience!

All in all, do yourself a solid and book a boudoir shoot for yourself. Now.

There’s nothing to lose, and the beautiful array of images you’ll have celebrating your body, heart and female essence right now is priceless.” ~ Gloss Girl P


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