“My favourite part of my Gloss experience was getting all dolled up” | Boudoir Vancouver

“Over the last year I have gone through so many changes. I physically lost 50lbs, and I left my desk job to pursue my dream job. It was time for a little self love, and the angled iPhone selfie shots weren’t quite do the trick anymore.

I wanted a photographer studio that made everyone of their clients look comfortable and beautiful. It also doesn’t hurt that you go to a studio that is all set up to play in, and is a boudoir-only studio, it finishes off the fantasy of a shoot.

Obviously I was super nervous: I’m going to spend a couple of hours with women I’ve never met before while donning some super skimpy undies and having to look “natural”. I think the only real thought going through my head is “Will I look pretty?” truthbomb: I totally did!

While the whole experience was fun (and a bit of a work out, I mean balancing on the edge of a couch is not something I get to do every day!) I think my favourite part was getting all dolled up. I got my makeup and my hair done by their makeup artist, and I looked like a million bucks. It was also a great way to spend an hour before my shoot without worrying about the actual shoot itself.

If anyone I know is even considering doing a shoot for themselves all I can say is OMG DO IT!! It’s so liberating to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and just feel sexy, not for your partner but for yourself.

My favourite memories of the shoot were all the background stuff that you never get to see in the final photo. The laughing, weird positions that end up looking effortless and just the vibe of the studio as we were shooting. By the end of the shoot I was pretty much fully nude and insanely confident, how that works I will never know.” ~ Gloss Girl KL



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