“It was such an amazing experience from the start to the end” | Vancouver Boudoir Photography

Gloss Girl T wrote such an AMAZING  testimonial about her experience at Gloss, we are going to let her tell you all about it 🙂

“I had followed Gloss Boudoir since they first opened their studio. The style, details and airiness they portrayed in all their images were always so feminine and lovely. This was right for me and I knew I had to work with Gloss.

I’ve been in a long relationship, one that I thought would last a lifetime. After we ended our engagement, I found myself starting from the ground up. I had forgotten to love myself and I’ve enjoyed this time to get to know me again.  I truly found myself evolved (just like my tattoo!) and I  immediately booked my shoot with Gloss. This time,  it’s for me!

When I arrived at the shoot,  Shelby the studio manager, greeted me with the biggest smile! I sat in the makeup corner and was instantly beautified.  I couldn’t stop looking I’m the mirror and having this bombshell looking back! Holy crap,  that’s me!

Shelby and Kelsey, the makeup artist, were amazing and we shared so many laughs! I felt like I was merely hanging out with my girlfriends and it felt so good.It was so fun to get ready and get primped up and during the shoot. 

Working with the photographer Amber was fantastic. She was so friendly and led me to the most amazing poses. She worked so fast and in the period of an hour and a half,  we managed to tackle outfit changes and amazing shots! It was so natural and I didn’t feel nervous or anxious at all – – I felt beautiful and so empowered.

I left the studio feeling so sexy and confident.  Ladies, I looked good.  I knew I had to do something that day…  And off I went to do groceries, looking and feeling like a million bucks.

The confidence I got from this shoot was spectacular. Even though it was only for a morning,  that radiance stuck with me.  Seeing the pictures afterwards still gives me goosebumps.  I purchased my first home this year and cannot wait to frame these beauties in my room. 

I would you tell other women considering doing a boudoir shoot to do it! I don’t think there are any other words I can say. This is for you. You can easily share it with your partner, but in the end, you’re looking at yourself in the eyes and honey, it’s you.

It was such an amazing experience from the start to the end, and we’re not even near the end yet. I’m so blessed to have this experience. Thank you for making it an amazing one. Thank you for reminding me just how beautiful I am,  inside and out… And for what he’s missing out on.”  😉  ~ Gloss Girl T


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