“A big THANK YOU to the Gloss Girls for helping me feel beautiful inside and out” | Boudoir Photography Vancouver

Gloss Girl T was such a joy to have in the studio and we were beyond thrilled when she allowed us to share her images, and her experience at Gloss.

“I heard about Gloss Boudoir through a friend. I started following their social media feeds and seeing all of the beautiful women that had done sessions with the studio. The images were always beautiful and very tastefully done.

I live south of Calgary, and when the opportunity came along to visit the awesome city of Vancouver, I jumped at the chance to book my session with Gloss.

Immediately I thought “I’m not ready. I wish I had more time to work out, eat better, to be in better shape.” Then thinking, if I waited for exactly the perfect moment to “be ready” that I would probably never do it. So pushing the words of my ego and negative self talk aside, I listened to my heart and soul and booked my session.

The excitement continued to build as I went shopping for my outfits for my shoot. Having that time to focus on something for just myself was long over due. Taking the time to be professionally fitted for my lingerie, and shop for jewellery and accessories, was something that I had not done in such a long time. My husband had no idea I was doing this and I felt like a secret agent doing my shopping and coming home to “hide the evidence” so to not spoil the surprise!

The big day had finally arrived after a much anticipated countdown to shoot day and I was filled with excitement with what my session would hold. The moment I walked into the Gloss studio, I was greeted by a warm, welcome smile from Shelby, the studio manager. The energy in the studio felt positive and electric, while still feeling calm and inviting.

What a treat it was to have my makeup done by one of their talented makeup artists.  Laughing and chatting with the girls helped ease my nerves, and it felt as though I was hanging out with my BFFs. The experience felt like a really great girls night out with awesome friends! Sitting in front of the big bulb lined mirror really made me feel like a movie star as the artist worked her magic and the transformation start to take place. I was so glad I decided to have lashes applied as well. The lashes really accentuated the look and made my eyes pop! Tarah did such a wonderful job, and I was so excited with how I looked.

The photographer Marcee immediately made me feel welcome and at ease.  She took the time to go over my outfits with me and ask what I would like to see in the way of poses. I’d never modelled before and she gave me such great direction as we moved through the poses, always making sure I was comfortable. This allowed me to really take the time to enjoy myself, and the time in front of the camera with a sense of confidence and ease.

The day the link came to my gallery of images, I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning, not knowing what I would find.
As they loaded onto the screen, I was speechless. I remember thinking “is that really me?” The images were beautiful! Scrolling through, I was looking and thinking “hmmm, maybe I’ve been a bit hard on myself” regarding my body. Tears began to fill my eyes as I kept viewing the images of this woman on the screen and then telling myself that it was me in those images.

When I showed the images to my husband, “WOW” was the first word that came out. Then, “you’re so beautiful.” As we looked through the images we were both quiet and I could feel my tears filling my eyes once again. He then said, “This is how I see you, beautiful, always.” He is very good at always telling me that he thinks I am beautiful, but it’s me that has a hard time actually feeling and believing it. By seeing these images of myself, I was able to really feel beautiful for the first time in a long time.

I would highly recommend that anyone considering doing a photo shoot to just do it! Yes, it takes courage, but the things you learn about yourself and the re-connection you build with yourself along the way is so worth it. You’re worth it!

After having this experience, I have a new sense of confidence, empowerment and self love. I will definitely be doing another session in the near future. A big THANK YOU to the Gloss Girls for helping me feel beautiful inside and out.” ~ Gloss Girl T


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