Doing a boudoir shoot at Gloss is a liberating and empowering experience! | Vancouver boudoir photographer

Gloss Girl H came to us a while back to create a stunning and memorable gift for her hubby-to-be! Gloss Girl H is a top Vancouver fitness trainer who works out of the gym Fit in 30 Minutes on Cambie street and we loved Miss H’s positive energy so much that she became a regular staple in our lives… We work out with her twice a week! 

Here’s what Gloss Girl H had to say about her first boudoir session: “I was so impressed from start to finish with my photoshoot at Gloss. Not only are the staff incredibly warm, but they have also perfected the entire photoshoot experience from start to finish!

Just like a 5 start hotel, they have you covered and have the answers and solutions to anything and everything! They are so well organized during the shoot that you don’t have any distractions, or time to over think what you’re doing…. You just focus on feeling and just being, and this is why they captured such magical shots.

They powered me on to embraces my femininity and sexuality, and truly captured the moment! I always recommend to my clients (many which are brides) that they do a shoot with Gloss. It’s a liberating and empowering experience!”

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