I thought a boudoir session would be the perfect way for me to celebrate myself! | Boudoir Vancouver photo shoot

Gloss Girl J decided to do a boudoir session after she felt like she was having a bit of a quarter life crisis at the thought of turning 30 this year.

“I felt like I’d spent a lot of time and effort in celebrating my friend’s marriages and babies and other life accomplishments but that I hadn’t really done much just for me. And since I very seldom get dressed up or feel sexy, I thought a boudoir session would be the perfect way for me to celebrate myself! Plus I thought it would be a great thing to surprise my partner with (if he’s lucky hehe) on a special occasion 🙂

The first reason I booked with Gloss was because of their convenient location, but once I research them more I really liked their style of photos, their all girl staff and their online/social media presence felt really friendly and not intimidating.

I was nervous about the shoot because I really didn’t know what to expect. My biggest concern going into it was how to pose to look sexy, pretty and natural all at the same time! I just imagined myself like Ricky Bobby from Talladaga Nights, “I’m not sure what to do with my hands.” But the moment I walked into the studio the girls made me feel really comfortable and I became less and less nervous as I was getting my hair and makeup done. When it came time to do the photos I was feeling more relaxed and my photographer was great about showing me how to pose and how to breathe.

I’m not used to seeing myself in photos so my initial reaction to seeing them the first time was just very surprised, like hmm that’s what I actually look like. Now when I look at the photos they make me feel good, I feel more confident in my body and even a little sexy too!

I really enjoyed the whole experience! I loved having someone do my hair and makeup while I could relax and just chat with the girls (it was almost like hanging out with some of my close friends). And although I was nervous about being in front of the camera, I actually really enjoyed being photographed because it made me feel special and good about myself. I really didn’t want it to end!

Something I didn’t expect from the experience is that I really enjoy being a part of the Gloss Girls group, Facebook and other social media platforms. I like to see other girls’ shoots and hear about their own experiences at the studio. It’s a unique community to be a part of and definitely not something I thought would happen when I originally choose to do the shoot.

I  would you tell other women considering doing a boudoir shoot to do it! It was so fun and such a great experience. I’m already thinking about doing another one! ” ~ Gloss Girl J


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