Gloss Boudoir captures a woman’s unique style and beauty

We ADORED having Gloss Girl R at Gloss Boudoir a few weeks ago. She’s a natural in front of the camera!

She booked her session with us because she loved our photos and how they captured every woman’s unique style and beauty. She told us, “no two Gloss Girls looked alike, even though they might be posed the same way.”

Here is what Gloss Girl R had to say about her experience with us: “Booking my shoot with Gloss was one of the nicest things I have done for myself in a long time. I knew I would leave with gorgeous images, but what I didn’t expect was what else I left with!

From the moment I walked in to the studio, I felt empowered and supported by the wonderful group of women at Gloss. They made me so comfortable and I loved hanging out with them. Nerves and self doubt are not even possible in their presence.

I soaked up all the love and positive energy the photographer was giving me. It was one of my favourite parts of the day! 

Even after leaving the studio, by some sort of sorcery, the confidence and sensuality they help you find in yourself persists. I’m writing this months after my shoot, and I still have that bounce in my step I left the studio with. If I ever feel it slipping, all it takes is a quick peek at one of my favorite images to bring me right back!

I would tell other women considering doing a boudoir shoot, forget losing those last 10lbs or waiting to do it for a partner. Stop waiting for the “right time” and do it RIGHT NOW!” ~ Gloss Girl R

We agree R, the best time is NOW! XO


What she’s wearing:
All outfits: Victoria’s Secret
Earrings and ring: Stella and Dot

Gloss Boudoir Model Photography Vancouver 001Gloss Boudoir Model Photography Vancouver 002Gloss Boudoir Model Photography Vancouver 003Gloss Boudoir Model Photography Vancouver 004Gloss Boudoir Model Photography Vancouver 005Gloss Boudoir Model Photography Vancouver 006Gloss Boudoir Model Photography Vancouver 007

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