Vancouver Boudoir “It’s like you’re hanging with your best friends”

Gloss Girl A wanted to do a boudoir shoot at Gloss because it brings confidence and empowers women to embrace their bodies and their beauty. She wanted to experience this for herself and wants to encouragement other women to have the same rewarding experience.

This is what Gloss Girl S had to say about her experience with us: “I decided to do a boudoir session for myself. To know that I am sexy and to feel good in my own skin. Sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder. At my job I empower women to feel sexy everyday and I thought I deserved to feel sexy and empowered too!

I wanted to shoot my boudoir session with Gloss because I have followed their work on social media. I loved the studio and the photography style. It was much more polished than other studios while still being a reasonable cost.

Before my session, I was nervous! I was confident in the outfits I had chosen but worried I didn’t pick the best ones for the photographs. I was also worried I wouldn’t be able to pose and would look awkward trying to be sexy on camera. All the fears and doubts went away as soon as I started my first pose with direction from the photographer. She photographed everything I wore so beautifully and had a warm, upbeat personality.

I couldn’t wait to go through all my photos when I saw them the first time. I was so excited!! Gloss exceeded my expectations. My boyfriend was also very excited. He couldn’t shut up about how beautiful the photos were and how professional they looked. I felt like a model!

I would tell other women considering doing a boudoir shoot to do it in a heartbeat! If it’s something you’ve even considered once, just go for it! With some new lingerie, professional makeup and hair, you will fell like a millions bucks and more.

My best memory from that day was just getting each new outfit on and having such great reactions from the photographer. You can tell she was also having fun and wanted to photograph each outfit in a way that flattered my body and the piece itself. I get giddy over lingerie since I work in a lingerie store so it was so much fun to share that passion with the Gloss Girls.

My favourite part of my shoot was how much fun I had! The Gloss Girls make you feel like you’re hanging with your best friends and they are so genuine. They give you a confidence you didn’t think you had. You have the the best team behind you from the makeup application all the way to the last outfit.

The Gloss Girls are incredible and ease any nerves you will have. Plus they give you lots of tips ahead of time so you feel fully prepared for your shoot.” ~ Gloss Girl A

We loved having A in the studio and her energy, excitement and positivity was infectious! We hope to see you in the studio again soon, A! XOXO

What she’s wearing:

“The best outfits were pieces that hugged my body and accentuated my curves. Also, pieces with finer details like extra straps, lace, and interesting cutouts.” ~ Gloss Girl A

All outfits: la Senza at Pacific Centre


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