Boudoir is a truly life changing experience!

Gloss Girl T visited Gloss for her second boudoir session this year! We loved having T in the studio again! She is up for anything and is always wanting to push her comfort zone and try some new poses, new makeup styles and new outfit ideas!
This is what Gloss Girl T had to say about her experience with us: “I chose to do a second session at Gloss because I absolutely loved the way I left feeling empowered from my first session. I was able to view myself in a completely different light and have more self confidence. The girls at Gloss know how to make you feel welcome and comfortable.  The quality of the photographs are always amazing, tasteful and flattering.
Before my shoot I was very excited! Having done a shoot with Gloss before, I couldn’t wait to feel that positive, vibrant energy once walking through the door.
One of the favourite parts of my session is having their makeup artist glam me up! I loved having my makeup done and planned a date night after the shoot with my hubby for our anniversary 🙂
I loved seeing my photos for the first time, it’s definitely just as exciting the second time around. At first, I felt a bit of disbelief that it was me in the photos. It’s always nice to see yourself in a different light. After my first shoot with Gloss, I told all of my close friends that every woman should experience this amazing feeling of empowerment and self love. A truly life changing experience!
My best memory of the day was enjoying the feeling of having that time completely to myself. Getting pampered and focusing on me. That is not something I get to do often so I really chose to saviour every moment!”
We hope to see you in the studio for a third session, T! <3

What she’s wearing:
Corset: J’attire
Green and Tan Bra & Panty set: La Senza
Necklace: Aldo
Heels: Michael Kors


Gloss Boudoir 001Gloss Boudoir 002Gloss Boudoir 003Gloss Boudoir 004Gloss Boudoir 005Gloss Boudoir 006Gloss Boudoir 007Gloss Boudoir 008Gloss Boudoir 009

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