Boudoir Vancouver

We’re so thrilled to be allowed to share our images of Gloss Girl M! She was a beautiful woman full of life and excitement and we’re thrilled that she chose Gloss Boudoir as her studio of choice!

Here’s what M had to say about her first boudoir experience:

“I was rapidly approaching 30, went through a bad break up and wanted to celebrate everything I have instead of what I lost.

I’ve been following Gloss since its inception and love seeing the incredible shots they get of women celebrating themselves. Whether the shoot is for yourself or your partner, they make you feel so gorgeous, sexy and FIERCE. They capture that thing or spark or essence of every woman who walks through the door, and they do it well.

From the moment I walked in I had so many laughs with the ladies. Shelby put me right at ease and I could hear a familiar sound from a fellow mama, the photographer. Bonding over pumping is always good hah. The makeup artist made me feel more beautiful then I ever have. I’m still trying to recreate those smoky eyes. I loved the little tips and tricks used to help me relax and not worry about making an “ugly sexy face”. So. Many. Laughs.

The photographer helped me pick out my outfits out. All my jewellery was made for me by Mara Decker of Feather Point Designs and my underwear and bandeau were just winners! I definitely recommend splurging on jewellery if you aren’t as well endowed. Skip the bras/bustiers/tops that tend to gap and just make you feel meh. Embrace the tiny tatas and just shine on! 🙂

Don’t wait to book. Just like anything in life there will always be reasons why it “isn’t the right time” or you just think you can’t. Do it. Life is short and you’re beautiful. Let these ladies capture your beauty. Share it or don’t, these photos are worth having.”



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