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Gloss Girl H wanted to do a photoshoot for her 25th birthday, to treat herself.   She searched online and found us here at Gloss Boudoir. She thought Gloss was more unique and feminine then other studios that she had come across in her search.

“At first, I was hesitant because I’m a super shy person and especially shy to do sexy poses for a boudoir photoshoot!   After a couple days I thought, “You know what…go do something on your own, for yourself. Go show how sexy you can be.”

I booked my session, feeling excited and veryyy nervous! While I was shopping for outfits, I couldn’t believe this is actually going to happen. 

During my shoot, I was comfortable with all of it. The photographer was super nice and guided me all the way through the session. I loved her. There were moments I thought, “Damn, you’re pulling it off really well!” I was focused on myself and the photographer. I felt proud and good about myself the entire day!    

When I received the photos, I gaaasped! “IS THIS ME??? WHAAAT?” I’ve never seen myself like that! 😀

To the ladies out there who are like me. Who are extremely shy,  have never “really” seen their own beautiful bodies and need a little extra boost. Gloss is the place to go! “ ~ Gloss Girl H


“As I was sitting on the makeup chair, having my makeup applied and hair styled at the studio, I still couldn’t believe it! Mostly because I’m not used to do things for myself, and this was a big step.” 


“I was delighted with the photographer! She knew what positions suited me best and I didn’t need to think about how to pose.”gloss-vancouver-005gloss-vancouver-006

“Every now and then, I look at my photos, and my inner-self says, “Yes honey, THIS IS YOU, believe it or not.” 



Gloss Girl H’s black, lace bra top and bottom is from la Senza 


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