Boudoir Photography

Gloss Girl E shot with Gloss Boudoir because she heard amazing things from her friends who had shot with us before. Looking at how Gloss brings out the beauty in every woman inspired her to try it out herself!

Gloss Girl E shared her experience with us and we are grateful she allowed us to share her images:

“The ladies at Gloss Boudoir were super laid back and welcoming, which made the process much easier. They treat you as friends and we had great conversations, which helped ease the nerves.

It’s nerve wracking to be photographed, and being photographed in lingerie brings it to a whole other level.  I have shot with other photographers before, and felt the most comfortable with the Gloss Girls. They were professional and courteous.

Thank you Gloss for creating such a safe and fun environment!” ~  Gloss Girl E


“I was mostly nervous about posing because I feel like I am awkward in photographs. However, the photographer was amazing! She knew which poses worked with my outfits and body type.”



“I was in the perfect part of my life to do a boudoir shoot.  I’ve had to overcome a lot of self-esteem and mental health struggles.  I’m finally in a part of my life where I feel happy with who I am and that I feel proud of the woman I’ve become. I felt like Gloss Boudoir was the perfect match for me to showcase this change.”



“The Gloss Girls were very organized and on top of everything. It made the whole process very smooth and not in the least bit stressful.”



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