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Gloss Girl G had heard amazing things about our Vancouver Boudoir Studio from friends of hers. She started following our Instagram and I fell in love with our photos!

Read on to hear about Gloss Girl G’s experience with us:

“I’m not in shape, my skin isn’t great, who would I do the shoot for? All excuses. Silly excuses.

I had no idea what to expect when I walked through the door at Gloss and was nervous and excited.

Meeting the photographer and showing her my outfits for the shoot was nerve wracking but her words of encouragement and positivity helped my last bit of nervous jitters float away. I put my first outfit on and I felt sexy, confident and comfortable.

During the first few minutes of my boudoir session, I felt remarkably calm. All of my worries and insecurities vanished. The photographer constantly encouraged me and helped me stay in the moment during my shoot. She coached me and helped me move into poses that flattered my body. I have amazing photos which I am really happy about, and am excited to do a bridal shoot!

By the end I was really getting the swing of it. The time flew by and before I knew it, my session was over.

I left the shoot with a big smile on my face. It’s a great confidence boost and a fun experience. If I ever have a moment of doubt or a day where I don’t feel great about myself, I think back to the shoot and smile. Now I have my amazing photos to look at as well!

Thanks to the Gloss Girls for making me feel beautiful, empowered and confident. It was nice to be in an environment with positive awesome women before my shoot to help calm my nerves.” ~ Gloss Girl G


“My makeup looked amazing and my hair was nothing short of fabulous. I felt, and looked like, a bombshell!”



“My favourite part of the shoot was the Gloss Girls! They were friendly, professional and really know how to make you feel special. I felt so comfortable that I felt like I was chatting with my girlfriends while they were pampering me and getting me ready for my shoot.You ladies! You were all so kind and professional. I felt really comfortable around all of you. It isn’t everyday where you get to be in an environment where women lift you up and make you feel at ease. I really enjoyed chatting and getting my hair and makeup done. You made me feel like I was just talking to my best girlfriends.”


“I smile when I look at my amazing photos, and think back to that amazing afternoon. I would tell any woman thing about doing a session to, do it! You have no better reason to do it than to do it for yourself, or a partner!”



“Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and have amazing photos of themselves!  I realized how poorly women view themselves, and after I finished my shoot I felt like I had a different view of what beauty is.”


“I had my makeup applied and hair styled by their phenomenal artist. Having your makeup professionally applied is a must!”


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