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Gloss Girl A joined us for her second shoot at Gloss Boudoir. She wanted to do something fun and sexy for herself. She’s been wanting to see how she’s changed over the past year, and reflect upon how much happiness and confidence she’s gained.

Check out A’s images and read about her experience at Gloss:

“I decided to book with Gloss because the girls at Gloss are just the best! From the moment you walk in and from the moment you are finished, you come out feeling like you’re part of the Gloss community. It’s empowering knowing so many women have come here and always have positive feedback.

Their makeup artist did an amazing job on my hair and makeup. It was my favourite part of the shoot! I felt fabulous but it’s always that feeling I get wondering if I looked ok. The photographer assured me I looked gorgeous and made me feel like I had nothing to worry about. 

I would tell other women no matter how insecure we feel, how much we don’t like something about our body, I believe that every girl should try it once in their lives. You walk out feeling like a different person. The girls at Gloss know how to empower women in the community.

The first step is to try and know that no matter what shape, size, or form, a boudoir shoot will be a big eye-opener. It will help us see how beautiful we actually are, no matter what we dislike about ourselves. A boudoir shoot will help us remember we are beautiful.” ~ Gloss Girl A


Vancouver Gloss Boudoir Photography Gastown 001

“I would always choose to come here and refer my girlfriends as well. The Gloss team always made sure we come out feeling beautiful!” 

Vancouver Gloss Boudoir Photography Gastown 002Vancouver Gloss Boudoir Photography Gastown 003

“I had a great time getting to try all the outfits I brought and the photographer made me feel like I rocked all the outfits! My favourite one was the crop top and panties! Who says we can only wear lingerie?” 😉

Vancouver Gloss Boudoir Photography Gastown 004Vancouver Gloss Boudoir Photography Gastown 005

“Before my session, I was worried that my photos wouldn’t turn out as nice as my first shoot. When I saw my photos for the first time, I loved them! The lighting was perfect and I was just blown away!”

Vancouver Gloss Boudoir Photography Gastown 006

Vancouver Gloss Boudoir Photography Gastown 007

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