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Beauty Gloss Girl M emailed us her concerns about doing a boudoir session and being in front of the camera. She was nervous and worried she would look awkward.

We would say 99 percent of women who email us, or step through our door, have the exact same feeling.  We often hear, “I’m not a model”, “I don’t even like selfies”, “I look terrible in photos and am awkward.”

The Gloss Girls are masters at easing the nerves and fears. We have been there! We have had boudoir sessions our selves and still felt the butterflies. It’s 100 percent normal. Our makeup artists know what works on camera and doesn’t. Our photographer will guide you through every pose and even get into the pose themselves to show you.

Gloss Girl M looks fabulous, sexy and beautiful. We don’t see a smidgen of awkwardness 💕

“I have wanted to give my husband boudoir photos for many years but I could never get up the courage. After a recommendation from a friend to Gloss, I decided that I should do it before my 50th birthday. It’s now or never!

I am not a natural poser and I was nervous that I would look awkward but I was very quickly comforted by the staff at Gloss. I was immediately at ease and with their guidance, I was able to give my husband photos I was proud of!

If I knew the girls at Gloss were going to make it this easy on me, I would have done a photo shoot years earlier!” ~ Gloss Girl M

We LOVED having you at the studio, M. We hope to see you again XO



“Looking at their website, I knew Gloss would know what to do with my anxious energy!” ~ Gloss Girl M 


How GORGEOUS is this black sheer top? We love it paired with the lace bra and bottoms. 



You know how we love when clients bring a personal touch to their shoot. M’s silk scarf is from her wedding 16 years ago <3


Outfits purchased at La Vie En Rose

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