Photography Vancouver Gastown Boudoir

Gloss Girl R heard about Gloss Boudoir though a friend. They had both talked about doing a photo shoot over the years and decided to go for it. They booked back to back sessions and made a girls day out of it!

Gloss Girl R also brought in some great props for her session, to personal the experience. It makes for a great surprise when giving it as gift. (Scroll down to see what she brought in!)

R shared her experience with us and shared who she did the session for:

“Gloss Girl L is one of my best friends.  She was my main support when I went through my separation/divorce, and learning how to be a single mom to 2 year old.  That was almost 8 years ago. 

Over the years, I have discovered that I can be beautiful.  It took me a while to see that.  

 The Gloss Girls greeted me with smiles when we arrived at the studio. I was made comfortable from the moment I walked through the door.

My photographer  just made everything so easy.  She guided and directed me through all the poses. I felt beautiful. 

Today, I am in a relationship again with my true sole mate. I chose to do a session for him for Christmas.   My boyfriend was overwhelmed and a bit surprise that this was something I did for him, but deep down I knew it was for me. 

Thank you so much Gloss Boudoir for exposing my inner and outer beauty.” ~ Gloss Girl R 

Photography Vancouver Gastown Boudoir 001

“Doing a boudoir session was a great way to show my beauty.” ~ Gloss Girl R

Photography Vancouver Gastown Boudoir 002Photography Vancouver Gastown Boudoir 003Photography Vancouver Gastown Boudoir 004

We love when Gloss Girl’s bring in accessories and props to personalize their session! How cute is the white toque, with the ice blue set and ski boots! 

Photography Vancouver Gastown Boudoir 005

“The guitar is my boyfriend’s, as he plays bass in a band.  We both love to ski, so I chose to pose as a ski bunny.” ~ Gloss Girl R 

Photography Vancouver Gastown Boudoir 006

Outfits from la Senza and Gloss Girl R’s own personal lingerie

Shoes: Red-bottomed shoes borrowed from Gloss for her session

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