Gloss Boudoir Studio: Gloss Girl E

The stunning and brave Gloss Girl E shares her important story about how she came to Gloss for her first boudoir shoot:

“Although I may appear outwardly confident, I’ve been battling with body issues and disordered eating since I was 17. It was only until I found a community of women (Army of Sass) that accepted me and helped me heal through dance that I started to overcome these challenges. The past year has been a huge transformation for me – emotionally, socially and even physically – as I’ve committed more time to love my body and take care of it instead of neglecting and controlling it. I booked this boudoir session as a reward to myself for doing away with old habits and finding confidence and self-love. It’s been a long journey from refusing to wear shorts for five years to being photographed completely naked, but I couldn’t be more proud of where I’m at today. I’m so thrilled Gloss helped me capture that.” ~Gloss Girl E

“I’ve been following Gloss on Instagram and Facebook for about a year. It completely astounds me how every single woman I see on their profile – of all shapes, sizes, ages and experience – just looks completely gorgeous in their own unique way. About 10 of my friends had done shoots with Gloss, and even seeing their unedited proofs I couldn’t believe how well the photographer captured their individual “flavour” of sexy. After Gloss joined as a “Sass Pass” business partner with the Army of Sass, I really appreciated that they were showing love to a community that had helped me so much. The tipping point was meeting Kelly and Shelby in my own Army of Sass class (my first ever time assisting) and realizing that they were the sweetest yet fiercest women I’d ever met! There was no doubt in my mind that Gloss was the studio for me!” ~Gloss Girl E

“Oh, it’s so hard to choose a favourite thing about my shoot! Although I was absolutely obsessed with the decor in your gorgeous studio, my favourite thing about Gloss was the wonderful women there that helped me feel like a queen. I was instantly put at ease by their friendly, “real” nature. They listened as I told them about my journey getting to Gloss, with nothing but love. It’s an intimidating thing, getting photographed in lingerie, but they made me forget all of that right away. The photographer made me feel so comfortable and beautiful and provided me just enough direction to feel empowered but posed properly. The makeup artist made me look flawless without me feeling overdone or cakey. I left the shoot with (literally) a skip in my step that followed all the way through into my dance performance that night. (By the way, I got SO many compliments on my makeup from the other girls in my dance show and it lasted all night!)”~Gloss Girl E

“I was really nervous and excited as soon as I got the gallery email. I hardly slept the night before because I was so anxious to see the proofs. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I finally saw the whole shoot. Even without editing, I felt so flawless and beautiful – but still looked like myself. Gloss truly helped me break through all of the negativity I had around my body image and accept myself with love. I’d thought it would be hard to find shots that I liked, but I actually had the opposite problem! I loved them all and it was so difficult to choose!!” ~Gloss girl E

“I just want to thank you ladies so much for doing what you do! You’re really making a difference in so many women’s lives – even the ones that quietly stalk you on Instagram and don’t actually book for years like I did. 😉 I’ll be singing your praises far and wide until every last one of my girl friends have done a shoot with you. 🙂 So much love!” ~Gloss Girl E

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