Gloss Boudoir Studio: Gloss Girl P Part 1

We invited Miss Portia Favro to join us a couple of weeks back for our first ever Instagram Takeover! Here’s what she had to say about her experience!

“I absolutely LOVED being a part of the Gloss Instagram takeover! It was so fun revealing my thoughts, tips and process of getting shoot-ready. There just simply is no comparison – Gloss is BOSS!

I finally had the guts after 3 (3!!) boudoir shoots to finally embrace some of my more risky lingerie…like, I’ve never felt 100% cool with my bum, so I’ve always avoided small panties or white sheet shots. Thank you TEASE LUX LINGERIE for providing so many amazing options for women of all sizes (and fun accessories to play with…those bunny ears made my shoot so fun!) 
Now that I’ve seen my proofs, those are my fave shots! What was I worried about? Eye roll..this booty isn’t going to be this high up forever!

Just do it. AND book yourself extra time.

Seriously. You’ve done all the prep – shopped for lingerie, waxed, been careful what you eat, etc. and it’s over so fast. If you can, give yourself the gift of TIME to relax, get to know your photographer, go at your own pace and embrace this entire experience. It’s the best gift you’ll every give yourself.

THANK YOU Gloss Girls! Keep on keeping on! Babes supporting babes! love you! Xo” ~Portia

“I really like pulling back the velvet curtain on something that’s usually a very private experience + was honoured to share it both mine and Gloss’s followers!”

“I was pretty excited and calm in the morning…until I got on the bus en route. Something hit me that I was actually going to be prancing around online in my frillies for who knows who? But as soon as I got to the studio, that all fell away – the girls are so warm and they want the best for everyone + made sure I was comfortable all day! Even though I’m a very open person with my body + online presence, they made sure I felt safe, respected and beautiful all day.”

Come back next week to catch Part 2 of Portia’s incredible boudoir session with us!

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    downtown vancouver, bc


    Downtown Vancouver, BC