Gloss Boudoir: Stunning Gloss Girl C

The beautiful and radiant Gloss Girl C came to visit us last month for her first boudoir session. We’re honoured that she chose Gloss <3

Here’s what she had to say: “I have been a long time admirer of Gloss boudoir, and have watched many of my close friends do their own shoots. The images are absolutely stunning and I’ve always thought that I would love to do one for myself one day. I have had a very complex and often difficult relationship with my body image, so I kept pushing the idea of doing a shoot down – saying to myself I wasn’t ready yet. However, with a little loving nudge from my friends – I decided what better time than now?

I decided Gloss because it truly felt like a day with my girlfriends. Even before my session and meeting the Gloss girls, they were so helpful, warm, and accommodating. They truly want the best for every woman, and it is evident how much they love what they do!I WANT TO DO 1000000 more shoots! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ladies!! “ Gloss Girl C

“I was beyond nervous before my shoot, but at the same time I was so excited! I was worried that I might not be comfortable in front of the camera, but as soon as I got in the room with Amber – I felt relaxed and I knew that I was in great hands!”

“My favourite part of my shoot was just how relaxed, natural and fun it felt! All of my favourite songs were playing, the girls were so helpful to make sure my makeup and outfits were all perfected, and the photographer and I had such a fun time getting all the shots. I never wanted to leave!”

“When I saw my first photo, my jaw literally HIT THE FLOOR! I couldn’t believe it was me! It brought me so much happiness to look at a photo of myself and to see such a confident, empowered and sexy woman!”

“If there’s absolutely anything holding you back on doing a boudoir shoot, let it go! If you maybe feel like you don’t have the confidence to do a shoot, know that it’s all the more reason to take the plunge and book one! I am so grateful that I did, and I truly hope that all women can experience this incredible feeling for themselves.”

“When we first started shooting, I felt super nervous and a little bit awkward in my skin. My photographer helped me get into my first pose and she said ” so gorgeous. My camera can’t even handle you right now”. It made me burst into laughter, and also gave me the confidence boost I needed to rock the shoot!”

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