Vancouver Wedding: Gloss Girl T

“I had done a shoot earlier last year FOR MYSELF and absolutely loved it (alumni Gloss girl, right herr). I knew that if I were to get married, I’d love to have a small surprise for my fiance. Lo and behold… I met the love of my life. It took me a whole lifetime, but I knew I wanted to have something for him to see in the morning of our wedding day and the beginning of our lives.

My experience last year was beyond incredible and I knew this time, it would be no different. Kelsey did my make-up last year and it was so nice to see her again! It was a like a little reunion. Marcee was so much fun and had the best energy! We just laughed and laughed and it made it even more comfortable! 

First and foremost, this is for you. Whether or not you’re gifting it for your partner or not, it’s for you first. The feeling of empowerment and beauty truly lives on post-shoot. I’m still feeling like a million bucks as I’m typing this in sweats and 2-day old hair. <3

You guys are just incredible. One of the most darling people that makes this so easy for women all around. I love you all!”~ Gloss Girl T

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    downtown vancouver, bc


    Downtown Vancouver, BC