Vancouver Boudoir: Gloss Girl A

“I used to weigh 210 lbs, and am now at 140. I have been really heavy, and really thin, and am adjusting to my ‘maintaining’ weight and body shape. I wanted to solidify some confidence in myself and my current appearance.

I have always admired the photographs from Gloss, the space looks light and soft and the images look empowering. I had always felt that a lot of care went into every shoot and wanted these sort of results. I wasn’t disappointed!

Before my shoot, I was a little apprehensive and nervous! It takes a lot to strip down to basically nothing! But I really had nothing to worry about! My favourite thing about my shoot was probably the photographer – Marcee! She was so encouraging and really boosted my confidence throughout the shoot. I felt like I was shooting with a long-term girlfriend of mine! She had so many ideas and her direction was amazing, she made me feel so comfortable.

The best memory from my day is a combination of the shoot itself, in that dreamy studio, and getting ready with Gloss. I had my makeup professionally applied and found the staff incredibly easy to talk to from the get go, which helped hugely with my confidence and helped relax me.

I would definitely tell other women to go for it. It is your chance to embrace yourself, even the bits you don’t like, and appreciate them. You will be on a confidence high for a long time! I already want to do this again – it was an experience like no other!” ~Gloss Girl A

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