White Sheet Boudoir Session

“I wanted to book a shoot with Gloss because I wanted to gift myself for my birthday. I was turning 39 the next day, and wanted to remind myself that age is just a number, and treat myself to looking good for a day. 😉

My favourite part of the day was the ladies. I felt like Marcee was my best friend by the end of it all, Haha. We laughed through the whole shoot. Kelsey I want to take home and have her help me with my lack of skill in the makeup department!

Do it! Its a gift to yourself to remind yourself that you are whole and complete, beautiful and sexy and it feels good to be outside the box a little. And you get to remind yourself of just that for years to come.

Thank you, Gloss, for doing what you do and doing it well. xo” ~Gloss Girl J

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