Gloss Girl C – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

We love all the reasons why Gloss Girl C came to our Vancouver boudoir studio!

“I have been wanting to do a boudoir shoot for a few years now. Though not the most confident now, compare to where I was in terms of fitness about 3 years ago, I thought I would do a boudoir shoot to remind myself of beauty means. It is more than just meets the eye. A woman who has confidence is one who truly shines! The girls made me feel so confident and so beautiful! I’m sure my fiancé will LOVE what he’s about to see!! I had heard a few amazing comments about Gloss Boudoir and started to follow them on Instagram and Facebook. I find myself looking forward to the IG update everyday!! I fell in love with the style – and most importantly, the intention of the girls to make every woman walking through the door to feel confident and beautiful.”

” My absolute favourite thing about this shoot was feeling “this is all about me, and me only!”. Nothing else mattered during that time except for feeling beautiful and confident about myself!  The most memorable moment on this day was when I saw myself after the make up was done and after I’ve changed into my first outfit. I felt so confident and brought me back to my happy place 3 years ago when I felt beautiful, inside and out. When I saw my photos, I was blown away by what Marcee had captured. I almost couldn’t recognize myself. I felt like I was on Cloud 9 and seriously, I felt like a million bucks!”

“I would tell other women that are thinking about a shoot with Gloss just do it! I planned to do it 3 years ago when I was confident in myself – when I absolutely loved my body. 3 years later, I’m not loving my body, struggling to find that confidence I once had. My dreams came true with this shoot. This experience is so exhilarating! Though I thought I’d do it for my fiancé, I feel now that this was truly a gift for myself 🙂 I am already planning on coming back for more shoots!!! I am so looking forward to this! Thank you so much <3”


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