We love these super sexy anonymous boudoir photos of Gloss Girl S!

“I have been following Gloss on Instagram for a few years and always thought it was something that I wanted to do but always wanted to get in better shape first. My husband is currently overseas, and I finally realized that I have nothing really to worry about and I wanted to send it to him as a surprise while he is away. I chose Gloss because I love the way the the photos are shot and the whole romantic vibe they have. The poses are always what suits the women and their shapes the best which is what I was looking for.”

“I was feeling super excited and a little nervous about what to do with my body and my poses but I was put at ease and given amazing direction throughout my whole shoot! My favourite thing about my time at the studio was just how encouraging the girls were from the moment I walked into, to when I left. I felt totally at ease and comfortable right from the get go and the shoot was over before I wanted it to be! The best memory of the day was Marcee making me laugh while I was doing a pose and she caught a great picture of me laughing which I know is going to be my husbands favourite picture out of the whole bunch!”

“All women should do a boudoir shoot no matter what their excuses are. It was one of the very best things I have done for myself to date. Not many women are good at putting themselves first and even though it might be a gift for someone as in my case I was the one who get the best thrill from doing it. I will be doing another shoot for sure!   I was so excited to see my images for the first time and when I opened them, I felt super proud of myself and so excited to surprise my husband with them!”

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    downtown vancouver, bc


    Downtown Vancouver, BC