Gloss Girl M – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

We adored having Gloss Girl M at our Vancouver Boudoir Studio, and can’t wait for her second shoot coming up soon!

“I decided to do a boudoir shoot to celebrate my birthday- and myself in general! It has been a particularly monumental year in my life, and I truly am so lucky and happy. I decided to book with Gloss because of the quality and feeling of the work. All of the women look so lush- which is a feat of the artistic team to make everyone feel and look their very best! You guys are cultivating self love in others in a way that resonates with me.”

“I had booked my shoot first thing in the morning, so I was happy to start my day off in an exciting way! I knew it would set the tone for the day… and remembering it later has made me happy as well! Can’t wait to see the end result!”
“The leap to take on a Gloss Boudior experience was inspired by my love of being a woman, and being me! Every day I feel lucky to live this life and in this body… why not celebrate the joy of that?! I left with a pep in my step- I’m hooked, and can’t wait for future shoots! I felt proud of myself, and embraced every step of the way by the ladies behind the scenes (Marcee is fabulous!!!) Self love isn’t vain- it’s necessary!”
The two sets of lingerie that Gloss Girl M is wearing can be found at Agent Provocateur
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    downtown vancouver, bc


    Downtown Vancouver, BC