Gloss Girl S – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

We adored having Gloss Girl S in our Vancouver boudoir studio! She had the sweetest things to say about her experience with us!

“I always wanted to do a boudoir shoot for my husband, but I never knew where to look or know who to trust or who not to. I was nervous so when I met Kelly, the owner of gloss, and saw how professional and sweet she is, I just thought that her studio would be the studio for me. Before my shoot I  was so nervous and I felt under prepared as I had be sneaky with my lingerie purchases, also I was worried about someone else doing my makeup as I’m not a big makeup girl. Kelsey rocked my makeup, I still looked like me except I was in colour…”

“My favourite part was Marcee!  She was so calming and she talked me through everything. She asked questions, she gave me direction and encouragement. Her passion was genuine and honestly she made the whole experience just amazing! I would tell any other women that are thinking of doing a shoot with Gloss just to do it do it do it!! Honestly I’m a 42 year old momma with 3 children. Ya know a friend of mine said to me the other day “man, I looked at my pics from 10 years ago and I looked amazing” I looked her over and thought “you still look amazing”. Own it girl!! Too many of us put a stigma on age, body types, but we need to just stop and own what we’ve got! One life.. be present!!”

“I can’t just pick one favourite memory of the day, I loved my hair, make up, Marcee, Kelsey sunshine, the studio … just everything!! Keep doing what you’re doing Gloss, I’ll definitely be back soon!”boudoir vancouver boudoir vancouver boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver boudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouverboudoir vancouver boudoir vancouver boudoir vancouver boudoir vancouver

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