Gloss Girl A – Vancouver Boudoir Studio

“Doing a boudoir session was something I always thought I would like to do – but one day – down the road, when I’m in better shape or whatever.. but when is that day really ? I was newly single and just about to have my 34th birthday and I thought – there is no better time than now ! This will be a birthday present to myself ! Exactly how I am, right now. After seeing a friend of mine’s photos from Gloss, which were absolutely stunning, I became an avid Gloss Instagram follower, all of the women were so inspiring ! I booked with Gloss and didn’t look into other options.”

“Before my shoot I was so excited! The whole process was so much fun, which began with the daunting process of: what am I going to wear ????? I had incredible help at La Senza Pacific Centre and found some pieces that I fell in love with. When it actually came to the day of, I really had no idea what to expect, it was 10 AM on a cold January Sunday morning and I buzzed up not sure what I was walking into !? I was greeted by Marcee and Tarah who were so welcoming and so excited for me that I instantly relaxed and basically felt like a superstar having Tarah work her magic and transform me into a super sexy vixen – complete with beautiful hair (I could never do this myself), lashes and makeup that suited my skin and eyes beautifully.”

“Working with Marcee was a blast. Not only is she super talented and knows which poses and lighting will look great, her excitement and passion for what she does so easily shines through, it is very inspiring. My favourite thing about the shoot was when Marcee would snap something she loved she would say so – this made me feel excited and confident that we ‘nailed’ a pose. I also loved Marcee’s direction, I was worried coming into the shoot that I didn’t know how to do all of these amazing poses that I saw on Instagram, but Marcee would just tell me, put your arms this way, eyes down, or now look at the camera etc.. it was all so easy, I was worried for nothing, she made me feel so at ease and this came through in the photos.”

“The best memory from the photo shoot day was how I felt during and after. During the shoot, I felt so beautiful and empowered, and afterwards, walking home I felt this air of confidence like there is nothing that I can’t do ! Maybe that is a bit dramatic, but I honestly felt on top of the world. I felt proud of myself, I stepped outside of my comfort zone, and the results are amazing. The whole day was something that I will remember forever.”

“I couldn’t wait to get the email that my pictures were ready for viewing. When I went through the library for the first time, I couldn’t believe that that was me in the photos. I was so proud of myself for doing this, and Marcee had captured me so beautifully, I was blown away. I had selected the Shimmer package where I could pick 10 photos out of my library. I started going through the photos and selecting favourites, and had over 50 photos as favourites ! I couldn’t seem to only pick 10. So as an extra birthday present to myself, I ordered all of the photos! Hands down this is something that every woman should do. Sometimes on a day to day basis it’s hard to feel beautiful and sexy, and this shoot is a lasting memory that we are and that we can be.”


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